President’s Award for Instructional Excellence 2003

Job Well Done: Mr Rohan Chambers, lecturer and Programme Director, School of Business Administration accepts the President’s Award for Instructional Excellence from Dr. Rae Davis, President. The award was being presented for the first time.

It was a proud moment for lecturer and Programme Director in the School of Business Administration Mr Rohan Chambers who received loud applause and cheers as he accepted the President’s Award for Instructional Excellence. In a well received citation by Dr. Nancy George, Director, Curriculum Development & Evaluation, she lauded Mr Chambers for his “contribution to the academic community, his support to the students’ success through the development of innovative learning materials in auditing, and the integration of technological support in course offerings through his website.” She also noted that the award also acknowledges “his dedication, energy and enthusiasm as an instructor, and celebrates his contribution to the University community.”

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