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COURSE TITLE:   Internal Auditing

(Pre-requisite: Introduction to Auditing)

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GROUP:                    BBAA4

DURATION:              Semester 2

INSTRUCTORS  Rohan Chambers
C/o School of Business, Ext.2141. 
Personal web site:
Office hours :    Tuesdays 3 - 5 pm


Marlon Cooper 
C/o Symptai Consulting Limited, 56 Half Way Tree Road



Internal auditing has emerged in both the public and private sectors as a distinctive profession. The development of this course had recognized this emergence and is geared specifically to students who wish to enter (or progress in) the field of Internal Auditing. The course also includes a lab component where students will be introduced to Audit Command Language (ACL), a popular internal auditing software tool.



This course is designed to prepare students to become professional internal auditors. To satisfy this goal, the focus is not only on the technical material, but also on the student's analytical and communication skills. These are the essential elements for a successful career in internal auditing given the changing role of the profession. A secondary objective of this course is to assist the student in preparing for the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) examinations, the ultimate qualification of the internal audit profession.


  1. COURSE CONTENT AND SCHEDULE - (The content and schedule for the ACL component will be provided by the ACL Instructor)


Topics - (the relevant chapter from the text is in brackets)

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Introduction (1 & 2)

General Objective:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the regulatory framework of internal auditing
2 Preliminary Survey and Audit Program Preparation (5)

General Objective:

  • Demonstrate the ability to successfully prepare preliminary surveys and audit programs



Designing Audit Tests

General Objective:

  • Demonstrate the ability to successfully design general audit tests





Conducting the internal audit assignment (6)

General Objective:

  • Demonstrate the ability to successfully address issues in conducting an internal auditing assignment.




Report Writing and Follow-up (7)

General Objective:

  • Demonstrate the ability to write an internal audit report upon the conclusion of an assignment and conduct follow-up procedures.



Interviewing (4)

General Objective:

  • Demonstrate the ability to successfully interview personnel during an internal audit assignment.


7 Fraud and the Internal Auditor (14)

General Objective:

  • Demonstrate the ability to employ techniques to detect and prevent fraud.



Managing the Internal Auditing Department (8, 12 & 16)

General Objective:

  • Demonstrate the ability to successfully address issues in establishing and managing an internal auditing department.



Information Technology (IT) and the Internal Auditor

General Objective:

  • demonstrate the ability to utilize computer audit tools, specifically ACL, in the conduct of audit tests. (Although this is listed as number 9, this topic is taught from the beginning of the course, see Teaching Approach below)





There will be two 2-hour sessions per week. One of the sessions will be for a combined lecture and tutorial. The first hour will be the tutorial where students will present their solutions to assigned questions. The second hour is for lectures where topics will be introduced and discussed. To assimilate the material more readily and in turn enhance better quality discussions, students must read the relevant units and attempt the assigned tutorial questions prior to each session. The instructor will assume that this has been done.

The second 2-hour session will be in held in computer labs and will focus on the use of Audit Command Language (ACL). Trainers from Symptai Consulting Limited, local agents for ACL, will demonstrate the basics of this software package.




Type Date/Due Date Topics Length Format Weight (%)
Coursework #1 Week# 3  1-2 1 hour In class test - 40 mcqs  10
Coursework #2 Week# 10 TBA n/a Group take home assignment  15
Coursework #3 Week#12 ACL n/a Group take home assignment 15
Final Exam To be Announced TBA 2 hours 80 mcqs 60




TBA - To be announced                          

Further details on all the above assessments will be provided throughout the semester and all are subject to change.




a)      Required  :  

1.      Internal Auditing - Standards and Practices, A One-Semester Course, by Dale L. Flesher, published by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), United States of America. (Latest Edition)

2.      ACL Materials, obtained through Symptai Consulting Limited, 56 Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica.

    b) The course web page: serves as a repository of materials for the course. You may also access this web page by doing the following: Go to , select Courses from the left and then select Internal Auditing.

    c) The following web page's articles and related links bottom frame.htm has a number of auditing articles, some of which are already bolted to corresponding topics above.



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